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Top 6 Things Employees Look For Before Joining Your Company

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

It's no secret that job applicants are researching companies and exploring what they have to offer. With websites such as Glassdoor, GreatPlaceToWork, and Indeed, it's easier than ever for employees to learn everything they wish to know about a company.

So now more than ever, it's vital for companies to evaluate what they bring to the table, what they can offer, and how they are perceived to future employees. Of all the things that can help a company stand out in the eyes of a job seeker, here is a list of our top six:


1. Career Development

Employers should seek to invest in their employees. Job seekers are looking to work for a company where they can develop, learn, and grow. Not only is this a motivating factor for employees, but, in addition, it can help increase employee retention by aligning a vision with their employer.

An incredible program that does this today is the Digital Creative Institute's Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. Their apprenticeship accelerates the development of digital marketers and provides coaching and mentorship from relevant practitioners.

2. Leadership

Leadership goes hand-in-hand with Career Development. The same way athletes want to play for great coaches, employees want to work for great leaders. Fostering a “mentorship-type” environment for new employees will not only allow the employee to grow and attain success in their careers, but will also show the outside world that the organization values its members and is willing to invest in them.

3. Company Values

A company's leadership reflects the company values. Job seekers can have dollar signs and amazing perks waived in their face, but if there is no alignment in values, some employees will simply choose to work elsewhere. Values define a company's identity.

4. Culture and Environment

Nothing contributes, or has more of an impact to employee satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, as the company culture and environment. A positive, and encouraging environment is worth more to some employees than a higher pay. Think of the cultures instilled in some of the Fortune 500 companies and then think how many times you’ve heard someone say they’d love to work there. There have been many instances where an employee has taken a lesser paying job to work at a company whose culture and environment met their needs.

5. Work-Life Balance

A burnt-out employee has a negative impact on a company. Nothing can persuade an employee to find a job elsewhere, or sway job seekers away, if they know they will be overloaded with responsibilities that requires them to constantly stay after-hours and weekends.

Work-life balance is an important aspect to a company and its employees. And as more millennials enter the workforce according to this article from Forbes, it is very important to recognize mental health concerns.

6. Health and Financial Wellness Benefits

It's become standard within any industry to offer health insurance to their employees but it wasn't always that way. According to PeopleKeep, in the 1950’s, health insurance was a new concept that labor unions had pushed. Following health insurance, came long term disability, 401K's, paid-time off, and wellness programs, which were all new concepts at one point.

FloatMe is one of the newest financial wellness benefits companies can offer. They help companies increase retention by providing employees the ability to access financial resources and their pay whenever they need to. Their mission is to help employees avoid predatory payday loans and other debt traps that can increase employee stress. Learn more about employee stress and the cost to your workplace here.

By having the ability to advance your pay right this second or tomorrow, it can reduce the stress that comes with financial hardship or expensive mistakes. The same way health benefits help keep employees healthy, financial resources and early access to pay help keep employees financially healthy.

To find out how FloatMe can provide your employees peace of mind and help to increase your employee retention and productivity, check out our 'Partner' page here.

Cheers - FloatMe Team


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