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FloatMe Stash Maintenance

On 10/01/20 FloatMe Stash will be shutting down temporarily for maintenance. We’ve received a lot of feedback on our automated savings tool and we’re excited to launch an updated version that reflects much of it.

To do this, our engineering team needs to shut down FloatMe Stash for an extended period. They are currently sending all funds in FloatMe Stash to your linked bank accounts over the next few days, so you won’t need to make any withdrawals (though you are welcome to!). We are also disabling any new deposits to FloatMe Stash while we work on FloatMe Stash 2.0

What is FloatMe Stash?

FloatMe Stash is an automated account that help you build savings. You can read our official announcement here.

What does this mean for me?

FloatMe is committed to making sure that everyone has access to their emergency funds. We will be automatically sending any funds in your FloatMe Stash Account to the bank account we have on file. Starting on 10/01/20 you will no longer be able to deposit new funds in FloatMe Stash or make automatic contributions.

FloatMe Stash 2.0 will include new features, tools, and other enhancements. Stay tuned for more details!

Can I add more funds to FloatMe Stash?

Not at this time. We will be locking all FloatMe Stash account deposits while we make upgrades.

How long will it take to receive my FloatMe Stash Funds?

Most members receive and have access their funds on the next business day (Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays) but it may take up to 5 business days for your bank to make the funds available.

I can’t find my FloatMe Stash funds. What should I do?

Please open a support ticket by visiting

A member of our customer success team will be able to look up your Stash Account transaction records and provide next steps.

What if I no longer have a linked bank account or my bank account is unable to receive funds?

We can still get your funds to you by paper check or a direct deposit. Please open a support ticket by visiting

A member of our customer success team will provide you with a form to gather the information we need to send you your funds.

Can I have funds from my Stash Account sent to another person?

FloatMe can only issue funds to the person who originally set up the stash account or as authorized by applicable laws.

Will other FloatMe products be affected?

No, all other FloatMe products will remain functional.

I closed my FloatMe account but might have left Funds in FloatMe Stash. What should I do?

Please contact FloatMe support at

When an account is closed FloatMe Stash also closes and sends the funds to the linked bank account. However, our support to is able to check and confirm that no funds are outstanding in your account.

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