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Culture - A Winning Investment

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Do you like the people you work with? What are your thoughts on the direction your company is taking? Would you recommend your place of employment to others?


If we each gave an honest answer, we would likely answer those questions in an unflattering way. Surprisingly, if you had nothing negative to say about your place of employment, you would be in the minority. Many people don’t like their job. We all know someone who complains everyday about how things could be better.

If you begin to notice that a large portion of your workforce shares that same mentality, you might have an issue with your company culture.

In our latest post, we briefly discussed the effect culture can have in a company. Among many of the impacts, a bad company culture can significantly impact turnover. In 2016, SHRM published a report that predicted the annual turnover rate to be close to 19%.

Given that company culture is one of the most important things that employees look for when choosing their workplace, we've decided to revisit it again. Here are three areas to target when working to improve company culture.


In order to improve company culture, you must address the physical needs of your employees. This might include providing food at work. Everyone loves breakfast tacos for example. You should also consider things that make working easier. These could be things like improving lighting in the workplace, work equipment, or even providing massage services. Addressing employee physical needs shows that your company values its workforce.


In the words of Kool & The Gang, “Celebrate good times, come on!” No one likes to work hard and not feel appreciated. Set goals and celebrate success. When your team falls short, take it as an opportunity to coach the team up.

A great company that does this today is YouEarnedIt in Austin, TX. They amplify company culture and positivity by recognizing and rewarding employee accomplishments and promoting for collaboration.


Company culture is 100% physical and 100% mental. In order to enhance your company culture, you must also consider the mental state of your employees. According to research from the SHRM, 52% of all employees are stressed about their finances and 46% have reported spending 3 or more hours a week dealing with or thinking about financial issues. As an employer, what can you do to provide your employees with financial peace of mind?

Many employers offer financial wellness, but not all wellness programs are suited for the different needs and challenges of employees. When providing financial wellness benefits, it’s important to listen to the individual challenges that your employees face.

Make your company culture one that cares about employees on the job and off the job. FloatMe's financial wellness benefits solution does just that. FloatMe empowers employees and grants them the ability to advance their pay when they need to even if it isn't during normal working hours. Financial challenges are almost always unprecedented.

To learn more about offering FloatMe at your workplace, check out our 'Partner' page here.

Cheers - FloatMe Team

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