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Announcing FloatMe Stash

Today, we’re excited to introduce FloatMe, a new way to build savings.

Saving is stressful. We know we should save, but its hard. Especially right now when you have other things to think about. That’s why we created FloatMe Stash- a new service that automates savings so you don’t have to think about it.

Using FloatMe Stash is simple, intuitive, and free with your current FloatMe membership.

How do I get started with FloatMe Stash?

We made getting started with FloatMe Stash easy. You just need to update your app! You'll be prompted to:

  1. Select a savings goal (we suggest $100 to start).

  2. Decide how often and how much you want to contribute.

  3. Relax.

That’s it! We display updates whenever you save. You can withdraw your available savings at any time.

How is my money protected?

When you upgrade to FloatMe Stash, your cash in FloatMe Stash is eligible for FDIC insurance (just like a savings account) up to $250,000 per account, subject to FDIC rules. Learn more about FDIC insurance here.

How much does FloatMe Stash cost?

FloatMe Stash is included in your current FloatMe membership for free. Your FloatMe Stash account includes the ability to set a savings goal, contribute funds automatically as often as you like, and track your savings history.

Does FloatMe Stash have a minimum to start saving?

No. We believe everyone should be able to save. That’s why you can start today with as little as $0.01 deposited into your FloatMe Stash account.

Can I get checks or a debit card with FloatMe Stash?

We built FloatMe Stash with the idea of making it quick and simple to save. That means we don’t currently offer checks or debit cards with FloatMe Stash. However, you can always transfer your available balance to your linked bank account.

Are there more features coming?

In a word: Yes. Stay tuned for updates!

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